Branding For Beginners Complete How To Guide

Branding For Beginners Complete How To Guide

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Branding For Beginners Complete How To Guide

Discover How To Create Attention Grabbing Brands Quickly & Easily! 

A comprehensive 28 page, step by step guide to developing a solid Brand strategy, starts with the initial steps for brand creation and covers essential topics like research, color psycology, theme colors, chosing a name for your business and more.

The ebook version of the video training course "Branding For Beginners", this digital guide walks you through the fundamental process creating a professional brand from start to finish. 

Learn the strategy and techniques involved in creating a business brand, for either a personal or company business. Discover the resources and tools you need to get the job done right - many are even free open source tools you can use right away!

Get in depth information every step of the way, and learn more effectively with guided research excersises that will help you better understand the importance and appliacation of essential techniques, and elements of branding, and how to use them in your own branding & logo.

The guide is designed to help anyone from beginner through intermediate levels...

Beginners benefit from step by step, comprehensive instruction and guidance in creating a brand from scratch. Just work your way through the guide to come away with a great Brand Strategy, including company colors, imagery and understanding your niche or industry demographic better, to getting a professional logo for your business.

And those with more experience can brush up on their skills, and perhaps find some new techniques and tools, learn new research skills, or gain better insight into what makes a great brand work. Or you can just use this simple branding process and the accompanying Branding Checklist to help get your customers happily out the door with their attention-grabbing brand faster. 

Everything you need to create a memorable, attractive Brand for your own business, or for your clients' businesses!

For graphic designers: Pick up the essential skills you need to impress your clients' with your branding services. Great for freelance graphic designers and brand creators, as well as web designers looking to provide branding and logo services for their clients. 

For DIY business owners: Save money on Branding, determine your brand and discover how to hire a designer to make you a custom logo without spending tons of money. Or create your own logo and save even more while getting the brand strategy and logo you need.

Digital Download Format: PDF & Word (Both Formats Included; Delivered in Zip Folder.)

For educational perposes only; personal use only. No resell or distribution rights included.

With the Branding For Beginners Complete How To Guide, you can quit worrying about your personal or company business Brand, because you'll have all the information, resources and tools you need to create an attention grabbing brand for your business, or your clients!

Branding For Beginners Complete How To Guide