Content Marketing Crash Course + Pro Writing Guide

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Content Marketing Crash Course + Pro Writing Guide

"Discover How To Develop A Solid Content Marketing Strategy, And Create All The Content You Need To Fuel Your Site & Boost Your Traffic!"

Content Marketing Crash Course + Pro Writing Guide was created with todays' micro & small online businesses, and freelance Content Writers in mind.

Author Tina Barnash carefully packed this guide with comprehensive instruction, information & techniques to help you create a successfull Content Marketing Strategy, and professional writing training to help you write faster and more effectively, this is a training combo you can't afford to miss out on!

"Tina Barnash has done an outstanding job of providing an extremely helpful and user friendly guide to content writing.  She has covered all the bases, everything from drafting to protecting.  Her system streamlines the approach and removes the frustration many of us face when we sit down to develop marketing material.  Learning her system removes frustration, allows me to accomplish much more in a shorter amount of time, equips me to develop material that keeps my readers reading, and increases my client base!  This is a must-read and must-own for every business owner!" - Lorie Nelson, Owner/President Signature Virtual Assistance

The crash course helps you create your Content Marketing strategy, with information to help you determine what's best for your business needs, and essential techniques to successfully implement them, saving you time, money, and frustration.

Discuss the New Google Search Technology, how it impacts your content, and how you can give your readers, customers, and Google the content they are looking for.

We'll cover Branding; logos and other key materials you'll need to get your brand off to a great start, or give your current brand a makeover.

Find out about the content marketing platforms that are essential for most businesses in todays' online market. 

Quality imagery - We'll cover photos, info-graphics, illustrations, and sales graphics that catch the readers’ eye by helping emphasize content. We'll discuss the best software you can use, where to get stock imagery, and even show you where you can get FREE tools to help you create your own & we'll cover video too!

The Crash Course includes an entire, detailed module focused on helping you improve your On Page SEO for better search results, and increased traffic.

Discover the essential components you need for your site; Wordpress website or blog, drip feeding your content, and much more!

The Crash Course also comes with:  

The ALL New Content Writing Pro Guide

This 50+ page guide will help you learn to write your own amazing content, and lots of it. Learn how to write faster, and more effectively than you ever thought you could.  

Learn how to create lots of unique, conversational content to satisfy your readers, and Google (for better search results and more traffic), and do it quicker and easier than you ever thought you could.

Save time and money hiring writers, and never go lacking for QUALITY contextual content! Learn how to write more effectively, write faster, and work smarter instead of harder to multiply your content and save even more time!

You'll even learn some FREE ways to get more traffic, and discover some FREE tools of the trade to make things even easier!

For Unique, Conversational Content, the Content Writing Pro eBook Guide has you covered...and it's included with the Content Marketing Crash Course today!

The professionally created Content Marketing Crash Course will help you get your Content Marketing Stratey on track fast, while the Content Writing Pro guide helps you create tons of great content to fuel your online presence.

Media Format: PDF 

Contents: Crash Course In Content Marketing eBook Guide

Exclusive Bonus: We also included our ALL NEW our Content Writing Pro Guide!

Experience Level: Beginner - Intermediate

Note: For educational perposes only; personal use only. No distribution rights included.

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Content Marketing Crash Course 

A Digital Media Educational Product

Written By: Tina Barnash

Published By VideoGraphicsEdge