Content Marketing Crash Course eBook

Content Marketing Crash Course eBook

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Content Marketing Crash Course eBook

"Discover How To Develop A Solid Content Marketing Strategy ForYour Online Presence!"

Content Marketing Crash Course is designed to help todays' micro & small online businesses with comprehensive information, instruction, & techniques to help you create a successfull Content Marketing Strategy.

"Tina Barnash has done an outstanding job of providing an extremely helpful and user friendly guide to content writing.  She has covered all the bases, everything from drafting to protecting.  Her system streamlines the approach and removes the frustration many of us face when we sit down to develop marketing material.  Learning her system removes frustration, allows me to accomplish much more in a shorter amount of time, equips me to develop material that keeps my readers reading, and increases my client base!  This is a must-read and must-own for every business owner!" - Lorie Nelson, Owner/President Signature Virtual Assistance

The Course discusses most of the primary platforms and methods available to you to use in your Content Marketing Strategy to help you better understand your options, and make an informed decisions about which ones may be best for your business.

You'll even discover some uncapitolized upon surprises you may not have heard of that can have a huge impact on your online business marketing.

Once you have decided on an overall strategy, you can use the Content Marketing Checklist included with the Crash Course to keep on track with set up and implementation.

And you'll even get some helpfull tips, techniques & best practices throughout the Course to successfully implement the elements you selected, saving you time, money, and frustration.

With each of these Content Marketing elements you implement and properly manage, you will see your business grow!

What's covered in Content Marketing Crash Course:

Discuss recent changes in Google Search Technology, how it impacts your content, and how you can give your readers, customers, and Google the content they are looking for.

We'll cover Branding; Logos & Specific Platform Imagery you'll need to get your brand off to a great start, or give your current brand a makeover.

Find out about the content marketing platforms that are essential for most businesses in todays' online market. 

Quality imagery - We'll cover photos, info-graphics, illustrations, and sales graphics that catch the readers’ eye by helping emphasize content. We'll even show you FREE tools to help you create your own & we'll cover video too!

The Crash Course includes an entire, detailed module focused on helping you improve your On Page SEO for better search results, and increased traffic.

Discover the essential components you need for your site; Wordpress website or blog, drip feeding your content, and much more.

Content Marketing Crash Course Details:

Media Formats: PDF & Word (Both Included)

Contents: Crash Course In Content Marketing eBook Guide

Experience Level: Beginner - Intermediate

Note: For educational purposes only; personal use only. No distribution rights included.


A Quick Look At Everything That's Covered In Content Marketing Crash Course...

Table of Contents

Introduction. 4

Lesson 1 - Content Marketing Mindset. 6

Lesson 2 - Goals. 8

Traffic. 8

Branding. 8

Sales 8

Search. 9

Shares Engagements 9

Lesson 3 - Google. 11

Module 1 - How Google Does It. 11

Module 2 - Understanding Google Algorithms. 12

Hummingbird. 13

Panda Algorithm.. 13

Google Is Now Using AI In Algorithms 14

Lesson 4 - Marketing Materials. 17

Module 1 - Logo & Specific Platform Imagery. 17

Module 2 - Taglines. 18

Module 3 - Basic Information About Your Company. 19

Module 4 - Organizing & Storing. 20

Lesson 5 - Social Media. 21

Module 1 - Facebook. 21

Module 2 - Twitter. 22

Module 3 - Pinterest. 23

Module 4 - Instagram.. 24

Module 5 - Google Plus. 25

Lesson 6 - Websites & Blogs. 27

Module 1 - Integrate With Social Platforms. 27

Integrating With Social Platforms 27

Module 2 - Static Pages. 29

Module 3 - Blogs & Posts. 31

Module 4 - Drip feeding content. 32

Module 5 - How to Best Display Your Content. 32

Posts 32

Video. 33

Vimeo. 33

Amazon S3. 33

Images 34

Module 6 - On Page SEO. 34

The Importance Of “On Page SEO” 35

How to Use On Page SEO. 35

Module 7 - SSL & Mobile Responsive. 38

Security Seal (SSL) 38

Mobile Responsive. 39

Module 8 – Interact With Your Visitors Via WP Comments  39

Biggest Mistakes to Avoid. 40

How To Enable/Manage WP Comments 40

Lesson 7 - Imagery & Web Graphics. 42

Module 1 - Photos. 42

Module 2 - Illustrations. 43

Module 3 - Infographics. 43

Module 4 - Logos and Branding. 44

Module 5 - Other Web Graphics. 44

Module 6 -  Standard Image Sizes Table. 45

Lesson 8 - Other Marketing Strategies. 47

Module 1 - Email Marketing. 47

Autoresponders 48

Email Content 48

Affiliate Offers 49

Module 2 - Forums. 50

Module 3 - Webcam Networks. 51

Lesson 9 - YouTube. 53

Module 1 - YouTube Search Benefits. 53

Video Is Booming. 53

Module 2 - Vlogs. 54

Module 3 - YouTube Best SEO Practices. 55

Module 4 - YouTube Strategy. 56

Module 6- Advertising Your YouTube Channel. 56

Fan Finder 56

Lesson 10 - Sales Oriented Video. 58

Module 1 - Video Length. 58

Module 2 - Video Platforms & Editing Tools. 58

Module 3 - Video Creation Tools. 59

Module 4 – Multiplying Your Contextual Content With Video. 60

Lesson 11 - Analytics & Metrics. 61

Final Thoughts. 62

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Content Marketing Crash Course 
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Content Marketing Crash Course eBook