Glowing Hexagon Geometric Web Backgrounds Package

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Glowing Hexagon Geometric Web Backgrounds Package

Glowing Hexagon Geometric Web Backgrounds Package  features vividly colored background images with a geometric, hexagon pattern to add a touch of elegance and style to online jewelry shops, wedding sites, party sites, decorators, and more.

Bloggers who want to add some bling to their theme will also appreciate these images.

Featuring the popular Hexagon shape, as well as geometric pattern backgrounds and web graphics, this package is perfect for adding a modern touch to your web design.

Bright Geometric Hexagon Backgrounds

The images are all large, full color backgrounds that can be used as is for web backgrounds, or cropped to create header backgrounds, banners, and other graphics.

They make colorful banners to accent elegant, grey backgrounds, or use them in reverse for a colorful background, with stylish grey header banners.

The colors in the different backgrounds are oranges, reds, pinks, purples, and the pack also includes a black and white version.

Glowing Hexagon Web Background Package Includes:

  • Ten (10) Glowing Hexagon Backgrounds
  • Readymade images you can use for various web projects.
  • All images in .jpg format.
  • Size: 1920 x 1080 px ea.
  • Delivered in zip folder. 

Note: The logo used for the background preview image is NOT included with this package. It is shown with the background to demonstrate logo display over the background image-which is quite stunning! If you are interested in purchasing the logo, "Retro Hexagon" PSD Logo Template is available in our store here>>

Glowing Hexagon Geometric Web Backgrounds Package Licensing Info:

*Personal/Commercial License only.

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Glowing Hexagon Geometric Web Backgrounds Package