Blurred Nature Web Backgrounds Pack #1

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Blurred Nature Web Backgrounds Pack #1

Blurred Nature Web Backgrounds Pack #1  allows you to choose from fluffy clouds, a fiery blaze, water ripples, a green garden, or a striking cloudy sunset; full color digital photographs blurred to perfectly to help you quickly give any website or blog the popular “Blurred Background” style. A spectacular way to design any green lifestyle website, nature, or green niche blog, these backgrounds provide orgaic ambiance to compliment your content! 

And it doesn't get more "organic" than this; each of these Nature Them Web Backgrounds were originally full color photographs of locations in the Colorado Rockies The images are digitally blurred to create unique versions of the currently popular “Blurred Background” trend.

Each of these beautiful backgrounds were originally full color photographs taken in the Colorado Rockies, and have been blurred to perfection to suit the currently popular “Blurred Background” trend.

Create a captivating display section for your logo in your website or blog header by placing it over one of these backgrounds. Crop the images for eye-catching, nature themed Social Networking banners, or create beautifully organic parallax web sections. So many exciting options for use of the backgrounds in this package!

The colors in these blurred nature backgrounds are earthy tones; fire orange, greens, blues, sunset colors of purple and pink and other natural colors and hues.

Blurred Nature Web Backgrounds

These large, full color images can be uses as is for web backgrounds, or cropped to create header backgrounds, banners, and other graphics, and they can also be used to create backgrounds for printed materials like flyers, brochures, or used in countless applications.

If you're a freelance Web Designer or make videos for your clients, these images are sure to impress your "Green" niche customers!

Package Includes:

  • Five (5) Blurred Nature Theme Backgrounds
  • Ready made images you can use for various web projects.
  • All images in .jpg format.
  • Size: 3648 x 2736 px ea.
  • Delivered in zip folder.

Photography & Design by: Tina Barnash 

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Blurred Nature Web Backgrounds Pack #1