Q:  What are Personal & Commercial Rights? / What is a Personal/Commercial License?

The personal/commercial license for Video Graphics Edge digital products (graphics & video elements) allows you to use the graphics on or in your own personal and commercial projects. I.E. web graphics may be used on any domains you own, in your social networking, product labeling, business cards, and in your marketing videos, Youtube videos etc. royalty free, without attribution.

What you CAN do with our products that include Personal/Commercial Licensing:

  • Display and use the graphics as your own website, blog, or advertising projects, social media etc. and in your video projects. This includes commercial projects.
  • Edit, alter, or customize the graphics for your personal and/or commercial use.
  • Use the graphics royalty free and without attribution.

What you CANNOT do with our products that include Personal/Commercial Licensing:

  • Offer the graphics, or any derivative of the graphics for sale, or re-distribute them in any manner.
  • Use the graphics in any inappropriate manner; in connection with illegal activities, in promotion of offensive activities or any other activity that constitutes a moral or legal issue, or to false represent or advertise any product, service, business or person.
  • Claim ownership of the graphics.
  • You do not own the copyright to the graphics or any materials purchased from Video Graphics Edge.

The Personal & Commercial License is intended to give users the ability to create and/or enhance their own web and video projects with premium graphics and designs at affordable pricing.

Buy quality graphics today and give your website, blog, videos and other online business projects the professional touch that will help attract more visitors, and make your web presence look top-notch!

Q: What are Developers’ Rights / What is a Developer License?

A: The Developer License for Video Graphics Edge digital products (graphics & video elements) allows you to use the graphics on or in personal and/or UNLIMITED commercial projects for your clients which you are paid by your client to create. (I.E. web graphics may be used on domains you do not own, video elements and graphics may be used in video projects for your clients businesses to create a final end product or products which your clients pay you for. )  Use our video elements & web graphics to your best advantage, on as many projects as you like, without having to buy a license for each of your clients' projects!

What you CAN do with our products that include Developers’ Rights/Licensing:

  • Display and use the graphics as your own in your online portfolio, with the intention of advertising your services to your clients.
  • Create sites for clients using Video Graphics Edge digital graphics products on their domains.
  • Create videos, including marketing videos, for clients using the Video Graphics Edge digital graphics, video elements, etc. in their commercial video projects and final marketing videos.
  • Create sites with the intention of flipping the domain (be sure to include a copy of the “End User Personal & Commercial Usage License” included with your graphics purchase with the site when you sell “flip” it). Just note that site buyers must purchase the graphics in order to access any updates, or tutorials and forums where applicable.

What you CANNOT do with our products that include Developers’ Rights/Licensing:

  • Offer the graphics, or any derivative of the graphics, as part of a product package or special offer (Example: JVs advertising the theme as part of your product or affiliate product offer.)
  • Sell sites using the graphics for less than the total cost of the graphics themselves via our website(s) VideoGraphicsEdge.com or WebGraphicsEdge.com.
  • Resell the graphics, or any portion or derivative work(s) creating using the graphics.
  • Use the graphics on multi-user WordPress installations or any other configuration where multiple end users can access the graphics simultaneously.
  • Your rights under the Developers’ License are non-transferable. Your clients DO NOT have the rights to transfer the graphics used in their projects to a third party in any manner, paid or not.
  • You do not own the copyright to the Video Graphics Edge and/or Web Graphics Edge digital graphics products. We retain all copyrights the the graphics.

The Developer License is intended to give users the ability to make money building sites for third-parties, not as a way to enable third-parties to avoid paying for the graphics. If you want to make money selling Video Graphics Edge and/or Web Graphics Edge digital graphics products to others, sign up for our affiliate program in order to do so. (We’ll be launching our products on JVZoo, Clickbank, Warrior Forum Soon. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate please sign up for our mailing list and we will let you know when these programs are available.)

Some other graphics marketplaces and estores charge twice the price or more for the developer license, if they offer one at all. Video Graphics Edge includes Developers’ Rights with our regular pricing. You should easily be able to recoup your upfront costs with one site build, or video project and the rest is pure profit. (While we may charge separately for the developer license in the future, we promise we will always keep this licensing affordable, so you can easily recoup your costs quickly!)

Q: What are your Terms Of Use?

A: Visit Terms & Conditions for more information about Video Graphics Edge policies.

Please refer to the individual product details accessible by clicking on any product. Please note that we currently offer both Personal/Commercial Licenses & Developer Licensing with most of our digital graphics products.  Most images include the Developer License, with the exception of some of our "Signature" graphics, which are available with Personal/Commercial License only.

Q: Can I use the images for free?

A: Our images are Royalty-Free, NOT free to use. You must purchase a product with appropriate license to use of any of our images, per our legal End User License Agreement.

Q: Do you offer Discounts?

A: We do offer discounts for special occasions, and on individual graphics purchases. We do not offer discounts on graphics package purchases, newly released graphics, or Video Graphics Edge merchandise. To get updates on our discounts as they become available, be sure to subscribe to our mailing list and newsletter.

Q: What does Royalty-free mean?

A: Royalty-free (RF) refers to a media license. It means that you pay a one time fee per image and you get to use the image(s) forever, for multiple uses, without having to pay additional fees (known as royalties), hence the term royalty-free. Please read our End User License Agreement in individual product details, and/or our Terms & Conditions page, either of these cover the terms of use. For more information: Wikipedia Royalty-Free.

Q: Can I have an image customized or something removed from or added to an image?

A: No. We're sorry, while most of the graphics sold on our site are our own original artwork, we no longer do custom work and only  offer our images as-is. Our goal is to create a versatile and extensive selection of premium quality graphics for various web and video uses, so we don't have time for custom work, and do not offer custom graphics services. 

Q: Can I buy an image outright so no one else can use it?

A: No. We're sorry, in an effort to provide affordable, quality graphics for everyone to use, we do not offer any of our images for outright ownership or exclusivity. Thank you for understanding.

Q: Do I have to pay more for a larger version of a graphic than a smaller one?

A: No. This is another reason why Web Graphics Edge is unique! We offer the largest available version of each of our graphics, without charging extra for the larger size. Some of our graphics packages, like our icons packages for instance, do come with different common standard web ready sizes for each graphic, however these are included in the package so you get all of the available sizes for the same low price!

When additional sizes are not included you can quickly and easily shrink the image at fotoflexer.com or GIMP for free, and save yourself the money, retaining the smaller sized graphics for future use. So we see no need to charge extra for larger sized versions of our graphics.

(Please Note: We may advertise and sell our graphics on popular marketplaces around the internet, however our pricing here on our site, or at WebGraphicsEdge.com will always reflect the lowest prices we offer.)

Q: What's the difference between the available file types and image formats?

A: Please refer to the sizes listed in the individual product details. Sizes are displayed in pixels.

If you are working with a designer or printer, please contact them prior to purchasing so they can advise you about the size/format. Each printer and/or designer may have different preferences, requirements, etc..

JPEG files do not support layers or transparency. If you know how to work with JPEGs, yes you can edit the file, but please be aware that not all of our images come with layers. Any JPEG files come with the backgrounds that you see on the site (white, gray, shaded, black, etc), minus the watermark.

Some of our raster files include PNG in addition to the JPEG. PNG files sometimes include transparent backgrounds, however this is not always the case. If you require a transparent background, please check the individual details of the product you wish to purchase to make sure background transparency is available. You may also contact customer service prior to purchasing to check on availability of transparency for the image(s) that you need.

You cannot increase the size of a raster file (JPEG, GIF or PNG) without distortion, but you can make the image smaller without losing image quality. For this reason all of our graphics are currently sold and delivered in the largest size we have available for that particular image graphic. The file size of every graphic is listed in the product details. You will want double check with your project details to see what size that you will need, and make sure that the available file size will do the job. You can shrink it down for smaller projects as needed.

The vector files (EPS, AI, SVG, PDF) are often required for large scale printing; billboards, posters, signs, big rig advertising, etc. These formats are unlimited in size, however they require vector compatible software to open, size, use, and even to view. We recommend the current version of Adobe Photoshop and/or Illustrator to use these the applicable formats, as many of our graphics use colors, meshes or gradients that are not compatible with other programs. We recommend vector compatible software and experience for editing or use of these formats.

If you have any questions you are welcome to contact us directly at: support@videographicsedge.com, or use our convenient contact form here>>